In the family Peugeot new born lion cub

In the family Peugeot new born lion cub Replaced gradually aging Peugeot 406 is a completely new model, denoted by the index 407. Despite the fact that the new Peugeot will be a direct replacement for the 406-th, the manufacturer hopes that the new product will be able to press and more expensive counterparts - BMW, Mercedes and Audi. The main competitor 407 St is Ford Mondeo.In order that the car was well received by the buyers of more expensive machines, the French radically changed the appearance and interior of the 400 series. First of all, the car has become larger. Chiseled forms 406 th become even more dynamic and aggressive. The rear portion is raised to give the appearance of the car a sporty, front same 407 th, by contrast, looks crouching to the ground.Again for the sake of sportiness and aerodynamics designers refused grille - it is the role of a large air intake in the front bumper.Large slanted lights indicate the brand of the car, however, a huge logo Peugeot says it even more clearly. Читать полностью -->

Ferrari F2004 no surprises

Ferrari F2004 no surprises On Monday, January 26 at its base in Maranello (Italy) the Scuderia Ferrari unveiled its new car F2004.Shortly before the presentation of the sports Director Jean Todt has promised to surprise the public with an unusual appearance of the machine 2004.But when a new car F2004 unveiled, it was found that no exotics is not observed. The machine appeared to be quite traditional and strongly reminiscent of last year's championship car F2003-GA. However, it was a little smaller and smaller, she was reduced wheelbase.Chief designer Rory Byrne said that based design F2004 develops the ideas found in the car, 2003, optimizing its aerodynamic performance and reducing the center of gravity. According to him, Bridgestone tires and a new engine Ferrari 053 will be even better adapted to the characteristics of the new chassis. "All the elements of the machine have been improved so that we could make another step forward.". . Читать полностью -->

UAZ agreed with the UN

UAZ agreed with the UN Ulyanovsk automobile plant signed an agreement on long-term cooperation with the purchasing Department of the United Nations.This year UAZ in cooperation with the UN has delivered more than 2 thousand cars. It is expected that by the end of this year, several thousand carburetor UAZ HUNTER will be forwarded to the purchasing Department of a large international organization.In the signed agreement stipulated price dynamics at Oise for a year, terms of delivery, terms of validity and the possibility of extension. Earlier deliveries temporary contracts. Director of marketing and sales Oise Andrei Dorofeev notes that an agreement was signed with the UN - the first such precedent in the history of the Russian automotive industry.Most of the Ulyanovsk vnedorojnikov will perform various tasks in Afghanistan, however, the press service of the plant notes that "hunters" may need the UN and to assist other developing countries. So, our machines have already started to recruit the Forces of National Defense of Iraq.06.04.2004. . Читать полностью -->

Reuters: Chrysler wants to cut costs and make a profit in the 2nd half g

Reuters: Chrysler wants to cut costs and make a profit in the 2nd half g The American company Chrysler intends to cut costs by $1 billion in the second half of 2003 to get a small operating profit, reported in Monday's CEO Dieter Zetsche in an interview to the Financial Times.This division of the German automaker DaimlerChrysler intends to achieve its suppliers some concessions to reduce the cost of cars falling prices of cars in the American market.In early June, the DaimlerChrysler company has reduced its profit forecast for the year 2003, calling stiff competition in the U.S. market as reasons for operating losses in the amount of one billion euros ($1.2 billion) in the second quarter.Source: Reuters17.06.2003. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Fiat will present updated Multipla

Fiat will present updated Multipla At the Geneva motor show the Italian Fiat will present an updated version of the minivan Multipla. In fact, all changes occurred in the front of the car, because technically the car has not changed. Controversial `two-storey` front part gave way to the more familiar `semi dimensional`. Round headlamps were replaced by rectangular block the headlights. In addition, Multipla got a new radiator grille with a large logo Fiat - how and all the latest model of the company.In profile the car has not changed. Behind, there is a new bumper and differently decorated lanterns. Читать полностью -->

Net profit for BMW 2002. rose to record levels

Net profit for BMW 2002. rose to record levels According to the results of fiscal year 2002, the German automobile company BMW has been able to achieve their own record profit forecasts. Net profit increased by 8.3% to $ 2.02 billion euros, profit before tax increased by 1.7% and amounted to 3.3 billion euros. Sales volume increased by 10% to 42.3 billion euros.According to the results of the fourth quarter of 2002. net profit increased by 326 million Euro 307 million euros in the same period last year. Revenue of the group increased by 6.2%, mainly due to increased demand for models 3-series and X5 SUVs. Читать полностью -->

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